Google Ads Expert : Top 10 Tips to Become Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Expert : Top 10 Tips to Become Google Ads Specialist

Google ads which are also known as Google Adwords is the tool in which advertisers run the ads of their product and services and try to reach their potential customers and want to make the awareness of their brand around the world.

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from searches.

Google helps advertisers to reach their potential customers and helps to grow the business around the world. It helps the owner of the business to generate more leads (Potential Customers) and grow the business without any limits.

Simple Steps to Become Expert in Google Ads

Step 1: Do Analysis of Search Query

Search Query is the phrase that is used to search for products and services or for gaining information on a particular topic. If a person is selling his products or services he has to do the proper analysis of the queries that the customer will search on the Google search Engine to reach him.

The keywords ( Phrase which person put in the google search engine to get information) person is using should be relevant and should direct the audience or people to his Ads.

Search Queries are divided into 3 Parts

1) Information Query

Person search on Google to gain the information and get knowledge of his desired search. For example, the New iPhone has launched then a person search for iPhone and can read all the specifications and about prices but the person is not having the buying intention. As a smart Google Ads expert person should not run ads on this type of Keyword.

2) Transitional Query

This is the best query in which Google ads should run. The buying or selling intention of the person is clear. For Example, a Person search for “ Buy Black T-shirt”, So here the intention of the person is clear that he will surely buy the black T-shirt if he gets at his desired prices.

3) Navigational Query

If the brand name comes into the Keywords then the query is Navigational Queries. For Example, iPhone buys from Amazon, The intention of the person is clear that he wants to buy and that too from Amazon only. The person is navigating the Google that he wants to buy only from Amazon.

Step 2: Know your Customer

If we want to run a successful Ad then we have to know about our customers and we have to decide who can be our potential customers. Things we should know are :

i) Age

ii) Gender

iii) Interest

iv) Pain points of the people

v) Challenges 

Step 3: Extension 

These are the important factors that make your ads stand out of crowd. Always use the extension as it makes the ad attractive, it provides the maximum information to the customer, Improves the Click-through rate ( CTR ), and helps to improve the Quality score ( Its a score that is given by Google based on Expected CTR, Ad Relevance, and Landing Page Experience).

The types of Extensions are :

i) Call only Extension 

ii) Site link Extension 

iii) Location Extension

iv) Price Extension

v) SMS Extension

vi) Call out Extension 

vii) Structure Snippet 

viii) Lead Generation Extension

ix) App Download Extension 

x) Promotional Extension 

xi) Affiliate location Extension

Step 4 : Unique Selling point (USP)

This plays a vital role in the creation of any ads. We should always make a list of the USP of the brand for which we are creating the ads. We can use USP in the description and headline also. Always use USP which consists of more numbers. For Ex: 2000+ Products sold, 1000+ happy customers, etc.

The numbers always attract potential customers and it generates trust. If your business is a new startup so that’s fine you can use the available USP. Never manipulate people by sharing the wrong numbers. 

Step 5: Competitor Free Element Sheet 

It helps the brand to boost its business. Always research your competitor’s websites and check the services they are providing and USP. Make a list of your competitors on the Excel sheet and then write all the USPs and services they are providing and then try to find out what unique your brand is providing to the Customers. You can target on those points and it will help your brand to boost the sale and attract more leads. 

This research will help you to get ideas of new things that you can involve in your business and will surely make you a tough competitor in the market. 

Step 6: Ad copy Investigation 

This investigation will help you to improve your ads and help you to know how you should write a perfect ad. We should check all the ads which our competitors are running and we should check the language and the strategy they used to attract the customer. Most of the people miss this investigation and thus they cant able to discover what they need to do to make their ad attractive and best from the competitors.

For doing this investigation, you have to use a tool like Semrush. It will give you the full picture of your competitor ads. We can analyze the ad copy as well as we can get to know how much our competitor is investing in the ads.

Step 7: Description 

It plays a very important role in attracting the customer and converting a non-interested person to a potential customer. Points to be considered while writing a description :

i) Unique Selling point ( USP )

ii) Trusted Elements of your brand

iii) Competitive free elements 

iv) Promise you can make with the customer

v) Call to Action. Ex – Enroll now

vi) Offers and Promotions ( If any)

Step 8: Heading 

The heading is considered as the face of the Ad. Make a perfect heading to attract more leads and boost your business. While writing a heading, always use one pain point of the customer as it will grab the attention of the person, and ultimately person will click on the ad. 

For Example: If you are writing an ad for a digital marketing course and if your brand provides placement so you can use “ Job placement guaranteed”. Job is one of the pain points of the customer and if you can provide you can use this in the heading and it will help you to get more leads( Potential Customer who are ready to do business).

While making a heading always analyze your competitor’s heading. This analysis will help you to know what content they are using in their heading and based on that research you can make an ad that can give them tough competition. 

Step 9: Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords are used to tell Google not to show the ads to some searches as it is not beneficial. Negative keywords play an important role in saving money and reduce unnecessary clicks. 

For Example: Suppose you have a Coffee Shop whose name is “JAVA COFFEE SHOP”. Now if people search for JAVA then your ad may be seen to them and they will click on it. Now the person searching for the JAVA course clicked on your ad which is of JAVA COFFEE and ultimately we have to pay the amount to Google for the click. For these scenarios, you can put the words like courses, institute, Free, and academy in the negative keyword section on Google AdWords so that when a person searches for a java course your ad will not be shown by Google and your impressions and CTR( Click through rate) will not affect.

Step 10: Stay Updated and Relax

Always keep your knowledge up to date and whenever any change comes in the market try to learn as soon as possible. If you are new to Google ads don’t take much pressure as we all learn from our mistakes so keep learning and try to improve your skills. 

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